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New Cross near me

Today we start our journey at Folding electric scooters | OnBoards store after buying London’s best electric scooters that fold, we plan to scoot all the way to PureGym London Greenwich without our scooters running out of battery. We are going to keep Johnny off the lead even though its busy but he’s well trained. So, we head out onto Water Lane and take a left onto Farrow Lane. The scooters will make the journey much easier and plus they’re fun! Anyhow, cutting across Avonley Road toward Edric Road.  Scooting left onto Monson Road and then right onto Hunsdon Road. We pass Hatcham Temple Grove and turn left onto Cold Blow Lane, we pass John Williams Close, which looked really nice actually. Johnny was really enjoying this trip as it is more fast paced, and he has more freedom.

We turn onto Sanford Street B207 and we cut through this small park called Fordham Park where Johnny went a bit crazy and started chasing his tail, but moving on we cross the B207 once again and pass some more train tracks onto Amersham Vale cutting through to Douglas Way. We cut through to Griffin Street where we stop for some coffee at PLOT COFFEE. Passing Wavelength Leisure Centre. We cross over Deptford Church Street A2209 and through to Creekside. Crossing B208 and heading onto Tarves Way, we reach Greenwich High Road A206 and finally reach PureGym London Greenwich where we realise, we can’t go in because we have a giant dog and electric scooters.

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