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Wood Floor Restoration and Refinishers – Floorboard Sanding

At Almar Floor Restoration, our wooden floor restoration services are backed up with over 20 years of experience, quality equipment, and fully insured and licensed floor restorers. It is often such a delight to see old, faded wooden floors come back to life with our floor restoration methods. A freshly restored floor can completely transform the look and feel of any room and home. Wood is such a diverse and beautiful material so restoring wooden flooring is definitely a satisfying project. It is a privilege to, instead of replacing and renovating them, be able to revive antique and historic floors and make them look as good as new!

We provide our services to both domestic and commercial clients and can tackle any problem there may be, from treating floors, to fixing fire or flood damage, to repairing broken flooring, to sanding and polishing. We are not only committed to achieving the best results for your wooden flooring but we at Almar have a passion for what we do. Email Us admin@almar-furniture.com 


When it comes to floor restoration, there is a lot to take into consideration, as flooring is often a vital part of any home or building. At Almar Floor Restoration, we take health and safety very seriously and our equipment reflects that. We use the best, safest, cleanest tools and equipment, making sure that no one and nothing is hurt or damaged in the process. We intend to leave your property as we found it – with the exception of a newly restored floor of course. You can be assured that we use the right, and most efficient equipment as it is key to accomplishing an excellent restoration duty.

The achieve the best results, the best materials are only used on our floor restoration projects. With the knowledge of only professionals and experts, you can have peace of mind that your wood flooring will be well cared for in the restoration process. We work on such wood flooring types as: Hardwood, solid wood, reclaimed wood, parquet, laminate, engineered, bamboo, and cork flooring. Genuine wood floors are often so attractive and can easily be restored with the right skills and tools. Our sanding, treating, and floor restoring services can rejuvenate so many types of wooden flooring after they are damaged, worn, or scuffed. Email Us admin@almar-furniture.com 

Wooden Staircase and Banister Restoration

As wood staircases are normally very high traffic in homes and buildings, they need constant maintenance and attention by professionals to keep them in good condition. Untended-to wooden staircases can become a safety hazard, especially after a fire or flood, or if they are particularly old or antique. Fortunately, Almar is here to assist, providing expert help and advice in dealing with all thing’s wooden staircase related.

Witnessing the transformation whilst restoring wooden staircases and banisters is truly a pleasure for us at Almar. We have a passion for what we do, and we love seeing the process of stairs and banisters coming back to life. Just a few simple steps can completely change the look of not just what we are working on but the entire house as well.

We take safety and sanitation very seriously at Almar and ensure we will leave your property clean and tidy. The services we offer for staircase restoration and maintenance are: sanding, sealing, varnishing, and removing scratches, scuffs, splinters, exposed screws, broken/damaged steps, and other safety risks; assessing condition of staircase and any damage; gap filling; and general restoration services. Email Us admin@almar-furniture.com 

From working on a few scratches or scuffs, to replacing entire parts, we can do whatever needs doing. It is very common for wooden staircases and banisters to be torn, stained, scratched, broken, crooked, or have loose joints. With over 30 years of experience and quality equipment, we can offer a range of wooden staircases and banisters services.

The types of wooden staircases we generally work on are straight stairs, l and u-shaped stairs, winder, spiral, and curved stairs, and loft or enclosed spaces wooden staircases. From antique to modern, domestic to commercial, we are more than happy to take on any size project and can guarantee that the service you receive is safe and honest.

Contact us to speak with wooden and banister staircase professionals and get any concerns or questions answered. Request a quote for any wooden staircase related issues you may have.

As antique or reclaimed wooden flooring, staircases, and banisters are normally quite expensive, you want to make sure that you hire professionals who know exactly what work needs doing and how to execute the job effectively if you don’t want any further damage or problems caused and more money to be spent out. Almar only employs the best floor restorers out there guaranteeing the finest duty on any type and size of wooden floor.

Contact us using either our contact box or ring us up to answer any questions you may have or talk about wooden flooring in need of restoration that you have in mind. Email Us admin@almar-furniture.com 

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Almar Furniture & Floor Restoration have been reviving antique and modern furniture for over 30 years. Our team of licensed and experienced craftsmen produce high quality and affordable work for any furniture and floor restoration projects you may have.



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