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Upholsterers in Blackheath

Almar Blackheath Upholsterers provide these services…

Modern and Traditional / Classic Upholstery and Reupholstery, Boat, Caravan, Airplane, and Automobile Interiors, Rush work, Headboards, Deep-buttoning, Padding, Webbing, Springs, Piping, Close-Studding, Horsehair Filling and Fibre, Cushion Upholstery, and much more…


At Almar we provide the best quality upholstery and reupholstery services you can find, with decades of experience and skill in dealing with a variety of upholstery jobs including modern upholstery and traditional antique reupholstery. We also supply repair and replacement for insurance work and flood and fire damage.

Watch piece of furniture transform with our renowned upholstery techniques, methods, and equipment. If you have furniture in mind that needs upholstery or reupholstery work or restoration, you of course want to be able to trust it in the right hands, we guarantee that you furniture will be well-cared-for by professional and expert upholsterers.

Almar does work for homes, restaurants, colleges and universities, hotels and inns, gyms, offices, theatres, clubs, and more. Work can be done on or off site.

We provide both domestic and commercial upholstery work in and around Blackheath & Greenwich. Contact us if you have any questions about our services or to request a quote. Below is listed the upholstery and reupholstery services we provide. Email Us admin@almar-furniture.com 


Reupholstery fits into the category of furniture restoration and is the process of stripping antique furniture and “reviving”, or “recovering” it through the process of upholstery using a range of speciality and professional sewing machines, webbing stretchers, chalk, needle guards, staple guns and knockers, upholstery hammers, regulators and needles.

Fabrics and leathers on furniture can be easily damaged, scratched, scuffed, split or ripped. Thankfully we at Almar provide a range of repairing services and cover a variety of different types of furniture including chairs, sofas, armchairs, chaise lounges, office chairs and furniture, dining chairs, stools, and more. We also use top-range materials from leathers to cottons, chenille, vinyl, silk, and damask.

Sometimes only part of furniture upholstery can be damaged or in disrepair so it is completely possible to replace parts of only perform a certain restore job instead of the entire furniture restoration and reupholstery process.

Traditional / Classic Upholstery

Almar provides both modern and traditional upholstery and reupholstery. Traditional upholstery is a popular and well-loved trade when it comes to furniture restoration. It is a more personal work as it was in action before sewing machines and synthetic materials came along. The amount of detail and skill that goes into classic upholstery is truly amazing.


When it comes to cushion related upholstery and reupholstery jobs – Almar is the company for you. Providing quality and professional custom seating work, sofa cushion refilling services, made to measure curtains, foam cushioning, and window bay cushioning. Due to a poor upholstery job or simply age, furniture parts can begin to have issues such as sinking seats (when the foam, springs, or webbing in a chair or sofa fails), flat cushions (couch or other seating cushions that have overtime become crushed and flat and are no longer comfortable nor aesthetically pleasing anymore) and many other cushion-related issues.

Cushioning in seating can be found pretty much everywhere and it is of course bound to get damaged in one way or another at some point. So, its important that expert upholsterers and reupholsters are on hand and ready to repair any problems to keep your company looking smart and in its best condition.

You can choose from our custom cushion fillings; soft, medium, and firm foam, and a variety of feathers, fibres and wraps. Contact us for more information on cushion fillings. Email Us admin@almar-furniture.com 

Marine, Caravan, Airplane, and Automobile Interiors

Almar also supplies upholstery and reupholstery work for marine, caravan, airplanes and automobile interiors. From dealing with seats, cushions, trims, cabin furnishings,

Upholstery involves providing a variety of furniture and interiors, particularly seating and cushioning on seats, with padding, also known as batting and is put into seats or clothes to provide stuffing or packaging material, webbing, which is a very strong fabric that is woven and comes in either flat strips of tubes. The purpose of webbing is to make the upholstery work stronger and more flexible, supporting the fabric and providing elasticity. Springs, upholstery coil springs, that ensure suspension and resilience to the furniture. And then for both aesthetics and comfort, an outer layer of fabric or leather is skilfully laid over the desired parts of the furniture and secured in place.

The name upholstery comes from a Middle English word that refers to a skilled craft worker (artisan) who upheld goods, or were an upholder. Upholstery is normally applied to newer, more modern pieces of furniture, whilst reupholstery work is normally performed on older, antique piece that have perhaps been worn or damaged in some way. Reupholstery jobs are always a pleasure to work on as it is often so satisfying to see the before and after pictures, bringing the furniture back to life using custom designs, colours, and patterns.

Upholstery work goes back through the centuries and history. Traditional upholstery would use materials such as animal hair (horsehair, sometimes even cow and hog hair), coir (coconut fibre), hays and straws, wadding, hessian or burlap, linen scrims, and other natural materials, and were worked on by hand without the assistance of modern tools and equipment. Today these materials would be particularly expensive and the methods time-consuming, but thankfully – due to modern materials and tools, upholstery and reupholstery work isn’t as laborious as it once was. You can, of course, still use these materials to further increase the worth of your furniture. Now that there are factories producing both budget and high-end upholstery, working with your hands and doing custom jobs is definitely a unique profession. Fortunately, furniture upholstery and reupholstery continues to thrive in England and around the world. Serving Blackheath & Greenwich. Email Us admin@almar-furniture.com 

Having antique furniture is such a delight, you can just imagine the history behind it. However, antique furniture can often be damaged or missing parts. Fortunately, Almar Furniture Restoration is here to save the day! Working in both Greenwich & Blackheath, we can restore whatever your furniture you may have and bring it back to life with our restoration methods and equipment. Read more…
Wooden floors can be such a beautiful feature to any home. Improve both their look and longevity with our wooden floor restoration services in Blackheath or Greenwich. Almar has restored countless wooden floors over the last 30 years. However, its simply not complete if your stairs and banisters are in disrepair. Fortunately, we provide restoration services for those too! Read more…
Almar French Polishing services are provided in and around Blackheath & Greenwich, restoring antique and modern furniture back to their former glory with our professional French polishing techniques. When it comes to French polishing, our goal is to achieve the perfect high gloss finish along with removing any damage. With our 30 years of experience, you can trust your furniture in Almar’s hands. Read more…
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Almar Furniture & Floor Restoration have been reviving antique and modern furniture for over 30 years. Our team of licensed and experienced craftsmen produce high quality and affordable work for any furniture and floor restoration projects you may have.



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