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Kidbrooke near me

Starting our hike at Heath Lane on a beautiful sunny Saturday. We turn right onto Eliot Vale and decide to take a slow walk to Blackheath & Greenwich Bowling Club. Today we only have Robert as Johnny is a bit ill, so we left him at home, but he’ll be okay. Passing Orchard Drive and Orchard Road. We let Robert off at the triangle field on the heath. Crossing onto Hare and Billet Road, we pass a sweet little pond with ducks and geese, but then Robert jumped into the pond chasing a duck. Johnny and Robert seem to wreak havoc wherever they go, maybe we should keep them on the lead more often. After fishing Robert out the pond and checking if the duck is alright, we set off once again. Passing Hare & Billet, White Box Gallery  and John Payne Commercial, we turn right onto Tranquil Vale, off of Goffers Road and Duke Humphrey Road. Crossing over to Royal Parade B212 we stop off to check out the Le Bar a Vin – Greenwich Wine Bar and Buenos Aires Café. But the prices were too high, so we just get a pizza at Pizza Express and eat it at the Avocado Garden. Crossing over to Blackheath Park, after The Conservatoire and Blackheath Halls, where Robert kindly was given a homemade dog treat. We take a relaxing stroll through Blackheath Park and turn right onto Brooklands Park. Finally, we turn right and reach Blackheath & Greenwich Bowling Club.

Almar Furniture & Floor Restoration and French Polishing, 1 Duke Humphrey Rd, Blackheath, London, SE3 0TU, 0203 475 9866.

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