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Lewisham near me

Getting a cab to Deptford Park we begin to make our way to Cats Cradle Cattery – Cat Hotel on Minard Road to see all the cats. As we set off, we realised it’s a bank holiday today so barely any shops are open including the cat hotel, so we redirect our journey to Bass Guitar & Guitar Lessons West London Music Tutors, as they are open today and we have a coupon there. It’s a pretty late start, the sun setting as we walk to the exit of Deptford Park. We make our way onto Evelyn Street A200 and stop off at the KFC to get our dinner. Johnny is with us today so one of us waits outside. Johnny got the scent of the South Kebab Mezze Pizza and insisted on pulling toward it.

We continue down the A200 passing countless good smelling eateries driving Johnny mad. We turn right onto Deptford High Street going under the bridge of Deptford Station just as a train goes past. We pass the Dirty Apron where they let Johnny have a drink of water and then we continue, passing M and D Japanese Deptford. We stop off at Greggs to get some coffee and hot chocolate and pass Hales Street where one of our friends live; they’re not in so we continue our journey. Reaching Asda Deptford Supermarket and Marilyn Hair & Beauty Studio, we turn left onto the A2 and cross at The Full Nelson. Then, we turn right at the corner of Deptford Cinema, and make our way down the A2210.

Walking down Brookmill Road, it’s completely dark now and we are sure glad we have our massive rottweiler with us. We turn left onto the A20 and continue down until we reach Lewisham High Street, passing Lewisham Police Station where Johnny meets an Alsatian police dog. We turn right and cut through to Lewis Grove. Unfortunately, it’s now too late for our guitar lessons and the tutor is scared of dogs, but it’s not a waste of time because Johnny got a good walk and met another dog. We finish our journey at Lewisham Market.

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