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Eltham near me

We start our journey at Churchbury Road, making our way through the greens of Eltham until we reach The University of Greenwich. Taking a left onto Middle Park Avenue and passing Blann Close, reaching the end of the road past the bus stop we make a right onto Eltham Palace Road. Today we have both Johnny and Robert with us (Johnny’s brother who belongs to my sister). With two male rottweilers with us we don’t have anything to worry about, every time we approach someone on the path, they cross the road. Anyway, passing Kings Oak Road and Kings Park Campus, we approach the end of Eltham Palace Road and cross Kinsground onto a path that takes us through a field behind some resident houses.

Passing King John’s Walk, we put Johnny and Robert back on the lead as we reach Courtyard and cut through to Tilt Yard Approach. Crossing over to North Park we pass Demelza Hospice Care for Children, where the dogs get petted by some kids. We make our way to Footscray Road and take a right passing Crown Tree Surgeons; this is a more residential area so there isn’t too much to see or many shops and restaurants. Still on the A211, we take a right onto another path through a field past 1st Royal Eltham Scout Group. This is a good walk for the dogs as there is plenty of opportunity to run around and do their doggy things. Making our way past Chalton Park RFC Sports Ground and Sparrow Lane Sports Ground, we pass a basketball court where some kids are playing, and Robert steals their ball, but they have fun chasing him around.

We stop off at the Avery Hill Park Café and have some coffee whilst the dogs run around Avery Hill Park Playground, Greenwich Spartans and Avery Hill Park. After some more fields, we finally make our way onto Reinickendorf Avenue.

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