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Deptford near me

Starting outside the Cutty Sark with Johnny and Robert, at midday we head to Media Gang for some work. Passing The Old Brewery, we make our way past The Gipsy Moth on the A206 and take a left onto the A200. Eventually turning left onto Laban Walk, Copperas Street, we pass Meridian Fitness Health Club & Spa. We turn left onto Creekside where we let John and Bob off at Ferranti Park. After a few frazzled squirrels and a frightened chihuahua, we manage to get the dogs back and get back en route.

Taking a left onto A2209 Deptford Church Street, after passing Euro Wines, Art Hub Studios CIC, The Artworks Creekside and The Birds Nest. We then turn right pass The Coffee Room Deptford onto Deptford Bridge. We pass Royal Albert on the A2 New Cross Road, and pass Atom Design where they take some photographs of the dogs for some posters they were making and give us fifty quid! Moving on we turn right onto B207 Pagnell Street. Cutting through Fordham Park we let the dogs off again and play some fetch. Johnny and Robert have a fight over the ball but then make up when we have to leave. Getting back on track, we turn left onto B207, Sanford Street. At the end of that road we turn left onto Cold Blow Lane and pass the train tracks. We turn right onto Mercury Way where we bump into some old friends and have a chat with them about dogs and life. We turn left onto Surrey Canal Road, and then cut through to Rollins Street. We finally reach Media Gang where the dogs are let free into the garden and we crack on with our work, content with our eventful walk

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