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Greenwich near me

For this journey, our goal was The Pilot. A 3-star hotel with nearly 1300 reviews on google. We were going to start at Deptford Bridge DLR Station at 18:00 after dinnertime and walk all the way at night. We had a rottweiler Johnny with us, so we felt perfectly safe. This was a new and exciting adventure since we had never been on a journey through London at night.

We passed the Co-op Food – London – Deptford Bridge and started our hike! We headed out onto the A206. We decided that we would only stop to eat once we reached The Pilot, that was part of the challenge, so passing restaurants such as the Kitcho Greenwich, and the Golden Chippy, as well as the Zeytin, was torture. The smells of the food and the hearty, inviting chatter of the night-time customers was almost irresistible, especially to Johnny boy. But we soldiered on, leaving the delicious aromas behind us.

Still on Greenwich High Road, we passed Studio 225 where I used to do Pilates and then 5 minutes later, we cross Roan Street, where my nan and her cat, Consuela used to live. Turning right onto Nelson Road and then Romney Road, we passed the National Maritime Museum – The history of Britain at sea, which looked even lovelier at night with its spotlights and lit-up grounds and National Maritime Museum Gardens. We let Johnny off the lead for a bit to stretch his legs and chase an unsuspecting squirrel.

After we had rescued the poor rodent from our rabid dog, we headed for Trafalgar Road. Even though it was night-time, it was still extremely busy in Greenwich. After a couple hours of walking, it was getting quite late, but we finally reached Blackwall Lane – A2203. We were all getting pretty hungry now and so reaching this point where there were at least six restaurants (Thai Tiger, Curry Royal, Avocado and Coffee, Star Express, Gurkha’s Inn, and Sushi London) was definitely the most challenging part.

Walking on Millennium Way, we walked through a building site and finally reached our destination! Johnny sure was happy to rest his legs.

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