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Greenwich Furniture & Floor Restorers and French Polishing

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Finding the right furniture & floor restorer and French polisher is vital if you have furniture that is very valuable to you. We have restored many priceless antiques such as an 800-year-old chest.

At Almar Furniture Greenwich, you will be trusting your prized possessions to professionals who are not only qualified and experienced but have a passion for what they love doing – bringing furniture and flooring back to life through efficient and effective methods of restoration, repair, and French polishing, with the best equipment out there.

Furniture & Floor Restorers

Our team of licensed, insured & experienced and French polishing professionals in Greenwich come with years of both skill and good reviews.

French Polishing & Reupholstering

Whatever the job is, we have a team for it. Whether its restoring, French polishing, or upholstery, whether modern or antique, domestic or commercial, Almar Furniture Greenwich is the company for you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Almar Furniture Greenwich we ensure the best quality service and take customer satisfaction very seriously.

It is often such a shame to see a beautiful piece of furniture to become decrepit and eventually break. Years of wear and tear can take a toll on any furniture and floor. Fortunately, Almar Furniture Greenwich is the company to restore your furniture or flooring back to its former glory.

Whether it is in need of repair, French polishing, treating, re-upholstery, replacing, or something else, our years of experience and expertise will have your furniture or flooring rejuvenate in no time. Contact us now to request a quote, ask any questions you may have, or discuss a restoration project that you have in mind. Email Us admin@almar-furniture.com 

Over 30 Years of Experience and Knowledge

Almar Furniture Greenwich has over 30 years’ experience in reviving and maintaining precious furniture pieces and flooring. We believe in giving the best possible services accompanied by skill, knowledge, proficiency, and friendly craftsmen!


 Almar Furniture Greenwich offers a variety of unique services that include furniture and floor restoration and repair, French polishing, and upholstery and reupholstery.


You can rely on Almar Furniture Greenwich to provide the best craftsmen out there who can safely handle any furniture and flooring along with expertise and skill. Our team are devout and committed to their craft.


Almar Furniture Greenwich, unlike many other furniture restoration companies, can provide a professional service for any piece of work – at a fair price.


Our Services

Having antique furniture is such a delight, you can just imagine the history behind it. However, antique furniture can often be damaged or missing parts. Fortunately, Almar Furniture Restoration is here to save the day! Working in Greenwich, we can restore whatever furniture you may have and bring it back to life with our restoration methods and equipment. Read more…

Wooden floors can be such a beautiful feature of any home. Improve both their look and longevity with our wooden floor restoration services in Greenwich. Almar has restored countless wooden floors over the last 30 years. However, it’s simply not complete if your stairs and banisters are in disrepair. Fortunately, we provide restoration services for those too! Read more…

Almar French Polishing services are provided in and around Greenwich, restoring antique and modern furniture back to their former glory with our professional French polishing techniques. When it comes to French polishing, our goal is to achieve the perfect high gloss finish along with removing any damage. With our 30 years of experience, you can trust your furniture in Almar’s hands. Read more…

Have in mind that a perfect piece of furniture that is in need of upholstery and reupholstery services? Look no further, for Almar, with our renowned upholstery expertise can deal with any work you have. Working mainly in the Greenwich area, we have been providing upholstery and reupholstery services for countless pieces of furniture and interiors. Read more…

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Almar Furniture & Floor Restoration have been reviving antique and modern furniture for over 30 years. Our team of licensed and experienced craftsmen produce high quality and affordable work for any furniture and floor restoration projects you may have.



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