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Our destination was the Blackheath Tea Hut. Fortunately, we knew the manager there, so that gave us greater incentive to hike there across Blackheath. Our starting point was the BP garage off of the one-way road left of Brook Lane. We would spend the day walking across Blackheath and seeing all that it had to offer.

It was an easy half an hour walk and the weather was holding up. We crossed Kidbrooke Park Road and took a right into an alley way. We could see the back of St James C of E Church. Coming onto Kidbrooke Grove, we crossed a pretty leafy road onto a path that led us through Morden College. It was around lunchtime when we went past the Morden College Chapel so we could see all the students milling about in the sun and enjoying their lunch.

After, we reach the heath and head to the roundabout that connects Kidbrooke Gardens, St German’s Place, and S Row. On S Row, we see beautiful views of the heath at midday. We cross opposite The Paragon and take a break next to the Prince of Wales Pond. There were a few ducks and even a pair of Egyptian Geese at the pond, so we gave them our leftover toast. Moving on from there, we headed across the heath, crossing the B212 where we narrowly missed getting run over and then crossing the Princes Charles Road.

After 10 more minutes of strolling across Blackheath and a couple of dog petting sessions later, we reached the A2/Charlton Way B210 and walked alongside there, until we finally reached our destination- the Blackheath Tea Hut! We had taken such a slow walk that the sun was setting, and people were starting to light fireworks. We bought a couple hotdogs and beers and sat at the heath to watch the show, tired from our walk, yet pleased with what a pleasant day it had been.

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