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Woolwich near me

We start our journey at McDonald’s Woolwich – Church Street and plan to finish it at The White Lodge at around 22:00. Heading out at 21:30 it should only take 25 minutes if all goes well. We unfortunately don’t have any dogs with us today and it’s pretty risky walking in Woolwich after dark, but we should be okay. After chicken sandwiches and coca cola we head north-west toward Macbean Street and turn left, passing Lidl. We realise how much quicker and possibly safer it would be to have some bicycles, so we get a couple at Harry Perry Cycles. Cycling toward Creton Street, and then turning left onto Powis Street.

We cycle left at the end of Powis Street and go onto Thomas Street passing Millennium Performing Arts College. Passing Tasty African Food, KFC, and The Great Harry, we turn right just after Love Lane onto Woolwich New Road. Then we pass Urban Ice Desserts where we both get urban ice desserts and the Blue Nile, Kailash Momo and the Rooster’s Piri Piri. Heading down Brookhill Road after going through Anglesea Road. We reach Sandy Hill Road at about 21:50 with just 10 minutes to spare. Turning onto Sandy Hill Road we pass Melbourne Arms and United Auto Spares. We get a drink at The Fox & Hounds and after a couple minutes of cycling we finally reach The White Lodge with only 2 minutes left on the clock.

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