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Charlton near me

Our starting point- Frank’s house at Gunyard Mews. Our destination – breakfast at Anchor & Hope. Our challenge – to walk the way in under 45 minutes. We had coffee, we had Jaffa cakes, we had each other, but most importantly – we had Johnny.

Starting at 10: 15, we aimed to get there for 11 – just as they were to open their doors. We started our journey on Stane Way, taking a semi-legal shortcut across the field at Hornfair Park where Johnny was able to meet some doggy pals. We existed onto a road that led to Charlton Park Lane. This took us past the Charlton Lido and Lifestyle Club, a massive swimming pool that is always packed, especially on this bright sunny day.

Taking a right onto the Shooters Hill Road – A207, we passed this place where this lady makes really good Nepalese Homemade Food. Soon we made a right onto Old Dover Road B211 where we stopped off at the British Oak as Johnny is quite the celebrity there and always gets a free treat and some water. As we were on a clock, we couldn’t stay too long, so we headed back out. We popped into Blackheath Pet Supplies as Johnny’s lead was starting to look a tad scrappy, so we bought him a brand new red one with little mustachios on it.  

Turning left onto B210 and then heading to Vanbrugh Park, we were making good time, so we slowed down a little to enjoy the sun shining through the oak trees along the road. Remembering that our watch was 10 minutes slow, we shot off at a walk/run pace, approaching Greenwich Park and crossing Maze Hill. Realising that we had typed in the wrong address and was actually heading toward Greenwich, we typed in the right address and starting to sprint. Johnny enjoy every second. We finally made it onto Charlton Church Lane, and with only a few minutes left, we were sure we weren’t going to make it. Passing Charlton Station, and cutting through Anchor and Hope Lane, we finally made it to the Thames. Funnily enough we then realised that the battery had fallen out of our watch half and hour ago and it was actually midday. Challenge failed, but it was fun. We had a tasty lunch at Anchor & Hope, and Johnny enjoyed the exercise.

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